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Maternity Experience

To some, the idea of maternity images is as exciting as the idea of having a baby itself as you are captivated by the glow and radiance that pregnancy has bestowed upon you. To others, it is a questionable one as your body has transformed to a place you might not have imaged it ever going.

However you may feel, if you do not take the images, you will not have them. And while it may be your first or your third pregnancy, each will deliver you an experience (and a baby!) that is unique to this world. That deserves to be captured. If ever there is a time to entrust yourself to the hands of a professional photographer, it is during this time. Professional maternity photography is not the snap of an Instagram shot or a few shots taken on a whim in your kitchen. It is working with someone who understands that certain poses will photograph better than others, that lighting is key, and with a bit of some guidance, you will look as amazing on the outside as you hopefully feel on the inside.

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New Born Session

Your newborn baby is amazing! Tiny fingers and tiny toes, the way they react when you hold them and speak to them, and their smell! So many little things that are now the centre of your world.

Newborn baby photography is a wonderful way to welcome your little one. In just a matter of weeks they will change so much. There is so much magic in your baby’s first year and each stage only lasts a moment.

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Baby & Kids

You don’t want to miss a thing during your child’s growing up years. Incorporate your child’s favorite things, bring along a special toy or prop and a few changes of clothes. Out of idea? We’ll help you all along the way.

Session options :

  1. Baby first bday : if you missed the baby plan don’t miss the bing ONE! We supply the cake, you supply the adorable child.
  2. Child single session : a personalized, in-studio session. May include multiple children of any age. Plan on 1 hour of time.
  3. Theme days : these are usually held around the holidays.
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Family Portrait

Having a family is an amazing experience. Every day is different and every day your little ones are growing and changing. At Hocus Focus we are specialists in catching this wonder and magic so that you can keep it forever in a family portrait.

What ever stage you are at with your growing family our team will have some great suggestions for your family portrait that we know you will love. Our beautiful studio in west Jakarta has everything you will need for your family portrait.